Anna Björk 7 years.

Can you imagine our first born is turning 7? Well we don´t. She has finished her first year of school and she has made it with great success. The shy little girl is not so shy any more and has turned into a happy girl with great interest and a strong will. She has learnt how all the letters, she can read small text and she knows how to text. She also doing maths.

Her greatest interest is still watching movies and she can still sit in and watch movies a whole day – if she is allowed to. Next to her interest is dancing. She is performing English wals like she has never done any thing else before.

This year she started to increase her interest for horses. She rides all by her self and she loves her ”Rodi” very much.

Her pink bunny that she calls ”Nenne” is still with her and she seeks him as soon as she is home from school or what ever she has been doing during the day. Nenne is getting a bit old and ruff, so she has dressed him up in a doll cloth. She could not make if he would tear apart.